Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Angels...

'Finding Nemo!'

'Ok take one..and let me get back to my work'

This is Phoebe. I took these two pictures in Singapore.

I love little kids! I must admit that I discriminate them on the basis of sex. I am so sorry but I love little girls more than the little boys. I can't help, they are cho chweet and always have time for you. From the age zero they behave in a very sophisticated manner and so they never disappoint you in front of guests .

Boys shout, boys cry, boys fight!

But little angels, they don't shout, they don't break their toys, they keep their things well organised and even when they are not happy they will not cry, they will make you feel that thing from their eyes which speak louder than their words.

Anyways unlike other serious discussions this is not endless as we all know that they are far better than the little idiots...


  1. awww she has d cutest swimsuit ever!!cute phoebe

  2. you love little girls more..... saale bacchon ko to baksh de..... ;-)

  3. tere ye bolne ke baad I should say this to you..baccho ko to baksh de!!

  4. and ya Sanchi..the swimsuit is really cute...:)

  5. oye...lil boys are brats, but they're cute too! sorry, i refuse to discriminate.
    and ur lil angels can b quite a pain too...ask ur mom if ur sis ever spoiled her lipsticks n other make-up while playing with them ;)

  6. i second your thoughts manjesh..!! :) n Pheobe is damn cute. mwahs..!! :)

  7. hey .... really cute baby ...